Available courses


 The Introduction to CPTED course is a certificated foundation CPTED course for community safety staff, rangers, new security staff, small business managers, and planning and architecture professionals.
The course provides a practical grounding in CPTED principles to reduce crime. There are 10 lessons each with a CPTED activity with multi-choice question assessment.
A personalized and recorded certificate is awarded for completion of the Introduction to CPTED course with an average mark of 70% or more.
Expected time to complete this course is 4 hours.
$49.95 inc. GST (payment by credit card or PayPal).

The CPTED for Community Safety Managers course is a certificated Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) course in two units specifically for Local Government (LGA) Community Safety Managers and staff.
This first unit (Unit 1)  provides a professional grounding in CPTED for effectiveness in Local Government contexts. It focuses on best practices designing CPTED environments that reduce crime and improve quality of life equitably The curriculum describes professional LGA CPTED processes for different situations; crime risk assessments, professional decision-making, use of crime evidence, justification and liabilities,  and professional quality reports for use by other LGA departments. The course includes examples, exercises  an assessment and a personalised downloadable certificate.
Expected time to complete this course is 4-8 hours.
$245 inc. GST (credit card or PayPal).